a very married fall break

On Wednesday my Fall Break started, so last night we drove to Upstate New York to visit my mom & sister.

This morning we woke up bright and early & went out to search for estate/garage sales. We found a few really great ones with amazing deals.


Image I really wanted to buy this bike, but it was really rusted & we have no way of transporting it back to PA (our car is too small). It was still a great find.



We also went apple picking, and Caleb found this old bird’s nest in one of the trees:


Apple Pies are in the works, and we are going to attempt to make empanadas. So far, this weekend has been fantastic.

xo – K

Tonight, with him, having coffee.

Tonight, with him, having coffee. This morning, with her, having coffee.

I have always loved this quote from Johnny Cash.

It’s so simple, yet conveys the love he had for June.

Every day I’m learning more and more about Caleb.

Some days it’s hard to like each other, and some days my love for him is more than I could ever imagine it being.

Tonight was the latter.

Drinking coffee, doing homework, and listening to Nat King Cole on our record player.