The Battle of Green Coco

The highlight of today’s Clean adventure was breakfast. Totally kidding; this morning’s breakfast shake was even worse than the last.

We decided to make a “Green Coco Shake,” which includes:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 cups/1Can of Coconut Water
  • A handful of baby spinach
  • 3 Tablespoons of Cashews
  • Good Ol’ Stevia to taste

It sounded so good.

I am passionate about avocados, so naturally, it would have to be delicious.

I was wrong.

So. Very. Wrong.

The avocado and the cashews were suddenly in a fierce battle to see who could overpower the other. The baby spinach tried to intervene, but was slain (probably by the cashews) and left for dead; washed away by the coconut water, and long forgotten. Thankfully, the consistency of this shake was better than the infamous Blueberry-Coconut Mush, but overall, I would not recommend this shake to anyone doing the Clean program, or anyone in general.

Moving on.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Last night I made vegetable stock, and had almost as much fun making it as I did taking this vegetable photo. I had to change the recipe a bit because there are some vegetables that we cannot eat, and a few that I couldn’t find at Giant. (They don’t sell leeks. Why don’t they sell leeks?)

Over Christmas Break, we made a visit to Barnes & Noble (one of my most favorite places), and bought two books on soup. Yes. Two books all about soup.

Who doesn’t love soup? I bet even Miley Cyrus loves soup. She probably took a break from swinging on that wrecking ball just to eat a bowl of soup. Can you blame her? No.

Tonight I am going to make Lantern Soup, which should be delicious because it is not one of the Clean Recipes (but definitely Clean approved).

I also discovered a recipe for Falafel, which I am so excited to try! I cannot wait to share more of my Clean experiences with everyone, and by everyone, I mean you, Mom.

You’re probably the only one reading this right now.

Love you! Text me. K, bye.



3 thoughts on “The Battle of Green Coco

  1. I can’t wait to make Lantern soup!! Write on you witty girl! Me and Sophie lay on the bed giggling as we read your posts. You spoke to us across the miles!! Love you

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