Coconut Milk

After only three days on Clean, I have learned that not only is it going to be expensive, but it is going to be extremely time consuming.

Long gone are the days when I can get up at 7 and grab a piece of toast as I run out of the house to go to work.

You’re telling me I actually have to cook  breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Crazy talk.

Last night I made Lantern Soup (which was so delicious and everyone reading this should get off the computer right now, and make it.)

 I have always loved squash, but this soup solidified my squash love; which is ironic, since soup is a liquid, ha ha.

I also made coconut milk, which is now the title of this post because it was a great accomplishment to make something so tedious, yet so tasteless.

Honestly, I felt like a homestead wife. We also took a trip to Trader Joe’s which is basically an Aldi for hippies/health nuts. I was delighted to find almond butter, almond meal (I can finally make zucchini muffins! yay!), and coconut oil. All of which were painfully expensive (yet, significantly less expensive than Giant prices), but worth it for the sake of mine and Caleb’s stomachs.

I’m now fully convinced that the man that coined the phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” did not mean “feed him only expensive coconuts and leafy greens,” so I need to find recipes that are sweet, and of course, easy to digest.


Here is a cute little squash-heart. I also ate this.

I’ll spare you the pain of reading about our breakfast (mango pineapple shake; very mango-ey) and lunch (spinach with dates and almonds; SO GOOD).

When we got home from work, we had a beautiful package waiting at our doorstep – filled with pounds and pounds of venison, and a few fillets from the fish that we caught over Christmas break.

This package was certainly the highlight of my week. And yes, it’s only Monday.

Thank you, in-laws. I love you, and your gift of meat-happiness.

Tomorrow’s lunch will also consist of venison, which automatically makes tomorrow an awesome day.

Merry Clean Eating, Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Coconut Milk

  1. I actually went to Wegman’s last night, and their vegetable supply was at an all time low. I couldn’t even find a zucchini! 😦

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