Friendship & Popping Bobas

The other night I caught up with a couple of friends over adorable, polka dotted bowls of frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt may be “overrated” in the eyes of my husband, but he is most definitely wrong. Fruit tastes infinitely better on top of a mixed swirl of coconut and coffee flavored FroYo. And those little beads? (I just looked them up, and the little beads are actually called “Popping Bobas.”) Man, do I love those little beads.

As we talked, and ate… and ate and ate and ate, I learned that I have been completely oblivious to the problems and struggles of someone I consider to be a good friend. As I sat next to this beautiful lady each week in classes, and even a few lunches, I never took notice of the hurt that she was going through. I could have spoken into her life. Prayed strong prayers. Provided sympathy, compassion, support. And yet, I assumed. Overlooked the pain, preoccupied with my own problems and trivial pursuits.

As I mentioned in my last entry, God has been speaking to me about noticing the “little things.”

I praise God for noticing the little things in my life.

There was the time my mom and I prayed for opera tickets, and were given two free tickets to Tosca by that wonderful security guard.

Or how about the times God has provided me with extra baby/housesitting jobs which have helped pay for trips back home, and trips to Carlino’s – a.k.a the greatest Italian market in all of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

He sees.

He knows.

He provides.

My greatest prayer since getting married has been for more friends. Yet, I have been too preoccupied with wanting new ones, that I have forsaken the friends that supported and encouraged me through the hell-filled role of being an RA, rejoiced with me over my engagement and marriage, and cried and prayed with me as my family began to fall apart while I was away at school. God answered my biggest prayer, and I was too blind to notice.

He doesn’t always answer with the grandest of gestures, but often with the seemingly insignificant moments, which in the end, provide the most genuine joy.

What other “little things” have gone unnoticed in my own life, and the lives of others?

How can I use these little things to be a blessing?


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