“I am learning …

“I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me.” {Tracee Ellis Ross}

  Where I am // Where I want to be

I am going to live in Phoenixville, PA for another year or two // I want to live overseas

I am degree-less // I want a Master’s in Literacy

I can’t really cook & I once killed a cactus // I want to make my own pasta & grow my own vegetables  

The space between where I currently am and where I want to be is terrifying.

I am terrified that Baby Anderson will decide to make an early entrance, and I’ll have to drop out of school and become, *gulp,* a stay at home mom. I am terrified that I’ll miss the bus, and be stuck at the bus stop for another year…or two, or three. (For those that think I am talking about a literal bus, it is actually a metaphor for exciting opportunities) And I am terrified that I’ll never live up to my full potential, and instead see other people living out my dreams whilst eating homemade pasta. Give me back my dreams! You can’t have them!

But tonight, after almost six years, I registered for my last semester of undergrad classes before Student Teaching. I’m on my way, dreams. I’m on my way.



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