The Unit

Hey guys!

Today I submitted my first official Unit Plan. At first it started off as a simple assignment, but quickly morphed into 31 pages of science-y things, and boring lesson plans about Matter. After almost two weeks of work, and countless emotional break downs, I handed it in. To celebrate this small victory, here is my favorite gif of a man dancing with chicken:

Every victory, big or small, should be celebrated with chicken; Whether it’s delicious nuggets, or even a virtual wing, this is the law. What? You haven’t heard of the Chicken Law? Even if I did make it up, I’m sure my friend King Curtis would agree that celebrating with chicken is always the appropriate action for big (and little) accomplishments.


That being said:


Hope you were able to enjoy some small victories today as well – even if this victory was getting out of bed & taking a shower. Believe me, I know how difficult that can be.

Good job, You!

I’m proud of You & You should be too.



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