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It’s been a while…

On Wednesday, Caleb and I drove three hours to Mt. Union, PA to go camping with my parents at Creation Festival. As soon as we arrived at our camp site, it downpoured, despite the claims made by Josh the volunteer that we had an hour to set up our tents before the rain started. Agape Farm became one big muddy field filled with miserable campers, and after two days of muddy roads, extreme heat, overused porta potties, annoying neighbors with guitars, countless packages of hot dogs, and a bag of melted marshmallows, Caleb and I decided to leave early.

As we made the trek back to our air conditioned apartment, complete with running water and one very lonely cat, I didn’t regret our decision to go to Creation Festival, but was, and still am, extremely grateful for the time we were able to spend with my family.

Creation Fest + Sparklers: 




Caleb says that when I’m around my family I suddenly have a glow about me; I’m happy, I’m content, and he’s right.

I feel safe, and complete.

No matter how terrible and muddy camping was, my dad always said something hilarious to lighten the mood, and even ate the chili I made, despite the obvious chunks of onion. My mom was willing to braid my hair, and gave me the hugs that were the most needed. Sophie rolled her eyes, but will always be the only teenager that I can stand, and will forever make me wish that I was back at home for a spontaneous sleepover, where we stay up later than necessary due to strange and creepy noises outside my bedroom window.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of things are like camping.

Change is like camping.

Growing up is like camping.

Bed and breakfasts are like camping.

 You think it’s going to be fun and exciting, and granted, most of the time it is, but at the same time, it can be muddy and wet, and you find yourself stuck with annoying neighbors and a lot of melted ice.

This summer has been so busy, and I’ve tried many times throughout the past two months to sit down and put into words what has been happening in our lives, but I haven’t been able to express (or even understand) how I have felt about this summer thus far.

After the past two days, I know exactly how I feel: The past two months have been one big camping trip.

I finished another year at Valley Forge Christian College, which was exciting, but I put in a lot of work, time, and printer money on papers, projects, and lesson plans. In May, I watched my Super Friend, Meredith, graduate from college, and last weekend, I was in her beautiful wedding. May was also the month of my beautiful best friend Katie’s wedding, along with my 23rd birthday. I started working full time again at the YMCA, and accepted the role of lead teacher in one of the younger toddler rooms, which was a decision I very quickly regretted.

This was the mud and the heat of it all.

Another set of friends moved on and out of my bubble at VFCC, and I was once again reminded that we’re staying here for another year or so. My birthday came, but I had to work, waited for a tow truck, and watched a sad documentary about the whales at Sea World (I was unaware that it was sad). I took a job that I thought I could handle, but began to hate going to work, and eventually had to admit that I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I was relieved when I was moved to a new room, but felt a little embarrassed that I couldn’t handle more responsibility and change.

At the same time, Caleb and I have been able to visit New York City, Washington D.C., and next weekend we are having a belated one year anniversary celebration in Montreal. After Montreal, we are headed back to Upstate New York so that I can celebrate with my beautiful friend Elizabeth as she says “I Do.” Our garden has also flourished, and today we harvested our very first cherry tomato.

This is the part of camping that I love; swimming in a muddy creek, sitting around a camp fire, and eating a hotdog at midnight, after stating that you were full from the 10 other hotdogs that were consumed earlier that night.

These trips have let us escape from our routine of: wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, put on sweat pants, watch Netflix, go to bed, repeat. I honestly love this routine, but it’s nice to mix it up once in a while.

The greatest part is that I have been able to experience it all with my most favorite man.

The Tomato: 

  Katie’s Wedding: 


    Meredith’s Wedding: 



    New York City: 


(This sandwich cost $18. Not worth it.)



Washington D.C.: 







  And so, the summer goes on.

The miserable moments become stories that will be told for years to come, and VSCOcam helps to capture the perfect moments that you want to share on a blog that only your family reads.

Happy camping, everyone. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen.