three little peppers

This past April my in-laws came to visit and helped us plant tomatoes, herbs, flowers, and peppers.

We planted some of the tomatoes, the basil, and peppers in a Topsy Turvy, and the rest of our tomatoes were planted in one big flower pot.

The basil died pretty quickly due to intense rainstorms, and the flowers bloomed right away but died a few weeks later because the planters were too small. The tomatoes grew strong, and after two months had passed we picked our very first Cherry & Roma.


Until about two weeks ago, I had lost hope in our peppers (I don’t even remember what kind we planted). Green leaves shot straight up from the Topsy Turvy, but there were no blossoms or fruit. I’m not sure if this is because we didn’t plant them in the right kind of container, or if they just take extra long to grow, but nothing seemed to be happening. I gave up, and almost took the leaves out of the planter.

But then Caleb and I looked up at those leaves way up in the sky & saw a little pepper growing….today there were three! 

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset 

(The third pepper is hiding in the very top right corner)

Sometimes I expect myself to grow and mature at the same rate as others; and vice versa. I so often compare myself and my triumphs to those of other people I work and go to school with.

“I’m not as creative, or secure in myself as ____(enter name)____, so I should probably just give up now.”

I’ve been in college longer than my other friends, and they already have jobs in their fields.

I haven’t been on as many missions trips as they have, so I won’t be as great of a missions trip leader.

I’m still growing, but everyone else is ready to be picked.

In the end, I stunt my own personal growth by thinking this way.

 If I try and throw myself into something before I’m ready, or before God has planned, I will be a burden rather than a blessing. “Get rich quick” schemes never work, and shortcuts usually end in twisted ankles, and sore muscles (just ask my mom 😉 ). And sometimes, it takes being in a dark place to grow to your greatest potential and discover your deepest strengths.

I don’t ever want to be that pot filled with soil and overgrown flowers-turned-weeds, but rather a perfectly ripened tomato, or a sweet green pepper.

So remember dear one: your time is coming.

Don’t question your purpose because you haven’t bloomed.


13 thoughts on “three little peppers

  1. Hi Kelly! This post is so inspiring and true. It’s so easy to look at people who are already where I want to be and be jealous, but it’s important to remember that there are great things about the journey to get there, too.

    • Thank you Olivia!

      Comparing myself to others is something I always seem to struggle with. But I know that my journey is my own for a reason, and I need to accept it and embrace it!

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful and inspiring post! I can relate to this so much. I always worry that I’m not doing (insert anything ever) as well as everyone else. It’s too easy to forget that I grow at MY pace not THEIR pace. Thanks for sharing!!

    alyssa nicole

  3. Love this! I love this quote, “Don’t question your purpose because you haven’t bloomed.” Keep writing your heart out! xoxo I found you on the Peony Project Facebook page! Find me on

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