Virtual Blog Tour: My Writing Process

writing proces

Thanks to The Peony Project, I have met so many new bloggers, and have been able to branch out through link-ups and a few guest posts. I cannot begin to stress how much I love the sense of community that I have gained, and the friendships that have formed because of it!

I was tagged by Jessica from Seeking Individuality to participate in this virtual blog tour, where bloggers are able to share just a little bit about what makes their writing unique, and how they go about writing what they do!

Let me share my own personal writing process:

1. What am I working on?:

 I have had a few blogs in the past; one dedicated to a three-month-long missions trip to Peru, another was started through Blogger but quickly deleted because I couldn’t decide on a theme (Hello,Queen of Indecision speaking), and a third is a blog I keep on tumblr. Last year I decided that I needed to start writing more consistently, so that’s what I did. Right now, I am working on expanding my reader-base, and trying to figure out exactly where I fit in the blogging world. I also have dreams of one day writing a book (Annie F. Downs would be so proud of me for being brave and writing down this dream).  Don’t ask me what it’s about…it’s still more of a passing thought rather than a substantial idea.

Offline, I am currently focused on finishing my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education, planning a missions trip that will take place over Spring Break, and also planning a trip with my parents to Europe for next June. Not to mention, trying my best to be patient and refraining from applying for overseas teaching jobs.

2.  How does my work differ from others of its type/genre?

To be honest? I don’t really know. I hope that somehow, my writing style and voice stands out above the rest. Recently I have read so many different blogs….most of them being more encouraging, creative, and professional-looking than I think I will ever be. I often feel like I am completely lost when it comes to taking my blog seriously & to the next level. However, I take pride in what I write, and how I write it. Everything that is posted on my blog is from the deepest parts of my heart, and I strive to be sincere and relatable in every post. I want to tell a story, and I want to tell it well.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write about my life as a student & a wife because it is a way for me to reflect on and understand my own personal feelings. Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that I struggle with verbal communication. Please don’t ask me to give an impromptu speech, or play Taboo (or any other timed game). I don’t like talking on the phone, and I usually lose arguments.

However, give me a pen…or a keyboard, and I am ready to go. I love writing letters. I love editing papers to make them more concise and grammatically friendly. I write because it gives me insight into how I feel about what is going on my life, and how I want to make it better. I write because I want others to realize they are not the only ones that struggle with ____whatever____, and that there is hope and a comedic twist to almost every situation. (I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t laugh at myself)

I also started this blog because my mom told me to. (Kidding)

4. How does your writing process work?

Most of my writing is done:

– in the early morning

– late into the night

– while drinking coffee (extra cream, extra extra sugar)

I thrive on deadlines, and usually wait until the last minute to write a conclusion.

I am always on the lookout for new blog topics and ideas, and find inspiration in books, quotes, and yes, even pictures on tumblr. Most of all, my inspiration comes from my time with Jesus. I’ve learned over the past few years that I really am nothing without Him; I’m not as creative, or inspiring, or even that great of a writer. But when Jesus inspires a post, oh, it just seems to be a million times greater.

 I was never comfortable with using graphic organizers, and made my sixth grade teacher angry because I refused to brainstorm. My writing process is a spur of the moment type of process, although I can spend hours rewriting one simple sentence….which is usually the sentence that I delete seconds after clicking “publish.”

You can also find a little green, polka dotted notebook in whatever bag I choose to take with me that day. It is filled with blog ideas, drawings & doodles, and very, very rough drafts. I recently started using the owl journal seen above, and I use it to write down my prayers and thoughts on my Bible reading.

Finally, check these ladies out & read more about their thoughts on the blogging/writing process: 

Ashley from Forever AshleyAshley encourages her readers to “Be Forever You”; embracing who you are and never apologizing for the person God has created you to be. What a great reminder!

Britt from Yellow UmbrellaBritt’s blog is a lifestyle blog about design, color, fashion, and random moments. She is so creative and inspirational. 

Katie from Hot Tea and the Empty SeatKatie’s blog is similar to my own, and writes about her life as a wife and follower of Jesus. You can sense her beautiful heart all over every post! 


16 thoughts on “Virtual Blog Tour: My Writing Process

  1. amen to extra cream & sugar 😉
    I love this! your writing process reminds me of my own. I think we do have lots in common.. can’t wait to continue to know more about you!! yay, thanks for tagging me! 🙂


    Hot Tea and the Empty Seat

    • You’re so welcome! Thanks for letting me tag you!

      And yes…the dreaded deadline.

      I’m a procrastinator AND indecisive, so deadlines keep me on track & help me get things done.

  2. Kelly, I totally understand the preference of written word over spoken! Story of my life! I too am pretty sporadic in my writing process. There’s occasionally a draft written, or I just pound out a post and then obsess over editing one paragraph until it’s unrecognizable. Glad to have found a kindred spirit in the blog world and that you were brave enough to share your story over at TIV and are giving voice to your dreams! 🙂

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