Grateful Heart: tuesday night thoughts posted on a wednesday

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It’s been a while since I linked up with Ember Grey, but tonight as I sit on my couch, listening to the soft endearing wheezes that Milo makes when he sleeps, and the pitter pattering rain drops outside, I can’t help but admit that my heart is grateful.

Would it surprise you if I said I’m tired of school and SO ready to graduate?

Every time I check something off on my to-do list, I add five more “to-do’s.” I haven’t had time to sit down and blog, and while everyone else will be leaving for Fall Break tomorrow, I have two full days of work ahead of me before Caleb and I finally make our way to Upstate New York.

*enter sarcastic thought about how lucky I am*

*then admit that I appreciate my job & the extra hours they give me*

*but also admit that I’d rather go home when everyone else does*

Apple everything, cider doughnuts, and warm Mom hugs, here I come. 

However, how could I not be grateful when I finished all of my assignments due this week (without having to pull an all-nighter), Gilmore Girls is on Netflix, and I finally found a good enough reason to use my laminator.

I’m grateful that I have a cat to keep me company while Caleb is babysitting over-night (does anyone else hate sleeping alone as much as I do?), and for that big cup of coffee that is keeping me awake long enough to finish lesson planning.

And even though I will post these coffee-infused thoughts tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon, I am thankful that I will have a new day to be thankful for.

Even if nothing truly good happens, and I have a horrible day, and I can’t stay awake during field experience, and my small group hates the multiplication game I created (*update: they actually loved it*) …. this will not diminish the goodness of God. 


Milo has a major crush on Lauren Graham

And I will still have a cat to come home to, and a hard-working husband, and a mom that will be waiting for me on Friday night with open arms.

I hope that you are able to find something to be grateful for today.


15 thoughts on “Grateful Heart: tuesday night thoughts posted on a wednesday

  1. Yep, sleeping alone is no fun. When we first got married the husband worked from 7 pm-7 am…I stayed up way too late every night because i never felt much like sleeping by myself!

    • I do that too!!
      The other day Caleb asked me why I always stay up so late when he’s gone, and when he’s home I’m tired by 9 p.m.
      At least I have a cat… but it’s still not the same!

  2. I love that you took the time to be grateful, especially in the midst of feeling all blahh. P.s. I HATE when my husband is out of town and I sleep alone…the kitty and puppy cuddles are just never the same!

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