fall break 2014: pictures & words

Last night after work, Caleb and I jumped in our car and began what was supposed to be a four-hour car ride to Upstate New York.

About 2 hours in, Caleb noticed that our engine gauge had gone up to the red zone, so we stopped at the nearest gas station. 45 minutes and a $20 bottle of Antifreeze later, we were on our way … and then we hit traffic. However, Jesus was definitely watching over us the whole time, we made it safely to New York, and were welcomed by a warm dinner and even warmer hugs.

Have I mentioned my family is the best?

Today I woke up to this view, right in my parents’ backyard.morningPennsylvania is beautiful, but nothing can compare to Upstate New York in the Fall.

Fall Break Tradition #1: we left the house early to visit a few Estate Sales, and Sophie and I took an obligatory sister selfie. (Am I the only one who hates that word?)
photo (12)InstasizeImage (18)

Fall Break #2: Mr. Chicken came next, and it was just as good as the last time we visited. I almost bought a Mr. Chicken shirt, but couldn’t justify spending $15.50 on a chicken themed t-shirt … so we bought more gravy fries, and a couple slices of pie instead.

photo (22)

Fall Break Tradition #3: Apple Picking

photo (21)

photo (20)

photo (19)

photo (13)photo (14)

photo (11)

photo (10)

photo (9)

photo (8)

photo (7)

Fall Break Tradition #4: Seneca Lake

photo (17) photo (16) photo (15) photo (18)

The day ended with manicures with my momma, cider doughnuts, a big mug of chai, and currently, as I finish typing this post, we are waiting for our apple chips to finish cooking & are watching Family Feud (let’s be real, you love it too).

The best part?

This weekend isn’t over yet.

I hope your weekend has been as lovely as mine! 🙂




13 thoughts on “fall break 2014: pictures & words

  1. Since moving back to the west coast, I miss the fall in the mid west and east. However, I realize that God has so much uniqueness and beauty throughout this country and it only takes a drive or flight to be in a totally new setting.

    In all of its glory, this sistah does not miss the Michigan winters and never will. LOL.

    P.S. I just learned how to master the selfie oh, about 2-months ago.

    Happy Saturday, Kelly


    • He really does! I love the hills and the fall colors. 🙂

      Hahah – I hear ya! I’m SO not looking forward to winter this year! Last year was brutal.

      And taking a selfie is truly an art! 😉

      Hope you had a blessed weekend, Yulunda! ❤

  2. I’ve never been to that part of the country in the fall, or in any season, for that matter. Looks gorgeous, and it seems that fun times were had even if your car was acting a little tempermental!

    • Oh, it’s beautiful! You should definitely try to make it out at least once in your lifetime – it’s pretty in the summer too, but Fall is my favorite. 🙂

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