Blogging for Books Review: “The Happiness of Pursuit”

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A few months ago, I discovered Blogging for Books, a program created by a publishing group that sends people free books in return for an honest review. As soon as I heard about the program, I knew I had to sign up.

For my first book, I chose The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau. The premise of the book is about finding happiness and fulfillment through the pursuit of adventure, specifically a meaningful quest. Chris had completed a quest of his own, visiting every country in the world before the age of 35, and through this book, he shares stories of his personal adventures as well as stories from others that journeyed through life-altering expeditions.

I chose this book for two reasons:

1. I wanted to know how he went about visiting a multitude of countries, how much it cost, and what he did when his quest came to an end.

2. I wanted to criticize it from a Christian perspective.

To be honest, before I even read the first page, I had a book review written up in my mind. As a Christian, I can say that I find my purpose in Christ, and that true happiness is found in following His will for my life. I was prepared to fight Chris on every point he attempted to make. I mean, how much purpose can one find if the point behind the quest has no connection to Christ?

But then I read the book.

While I had to put the book down multiple times to cater to school work, I was inspired every time I read a chapter. I read about the woman who went on a journey to break the world record of seeing the most birds in history, the story of the man who stopped talking for seventeen years, and countless others that decided to do something radical to bring meaning to their mundane existences.

To my surprise, I also found this book to be very practical. Chris offers lessons he’s learned along the way, as well as wisdom he’s gained from other men and women.

As I came to the end of The Happiness of Pursuit, I appreciated each story that was represented throughout each chapter, but at the same time, still came back to the conclusion that there is no real purpose in life without Christ. Most of the individuals I read about came to the end of their quests and didn’t know where to go next, or how to find purpose in other venues. They had placed so much time and effort into their adventures, often resulting in failed marriages and friendships, yet at the end of the road, they still had to find something just as exhilarating to maintain their sense of worth.

Overall, I appreciated the book and the insight it gave me into pursuing some of the bigger dreams I have, but at the same time, it made me thankful for my relationship with God, and the purpose and identity I have in Him.

(I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review)


For anyone wondering …. I would definitely recommend trying out Blogging for Books! Even if you don’t have a blog, or if your blog is small with only a few followers (like mine), you are eligible to receive books in return for a review.

Go check it out!

another november

november is here.

the leaves reminding me that there must be death in order to bring growth & new life.

dismal days are ahead; the sun hiding away from the world, rays becoming wallflowers against the snow and the dirt and those dead leaves lying like a crunchy quilt on the barely-there-grass.

senior year has not been glamorous, and while others are sentimental of friendship and memories, I cling to my best friend-turned husband and am sentimental for the places I have yet to visit, the people I yearn to meet, and the street food I can’t wait to consume.

november is just another month.

it is a countdown to a turkey dinner, stuffing filled with raisins that I will pick out because raisins do not belong in stuffing, and long lines of people waiting at 2 a.m. to buy more things that will eventually end up in attics, garage sales, and the shelves of Goodwill.

it is a month filled with thankfulness that we have saved from January to October.

it is a prologue to snow days, a celebration of a baby named Jesus, loud family gatherings, and unrealistic resolutions.

but then I go to sleep, and I wake up, and I realize that it is just another month if I choose not to cherish each moment.

it is a month where I can choose to be bitter and question motives behind facebook statuses, or instead join in on the thankfulness train.

I can hate the cold, or be happy that I can eat soup every day and wear my oversized Christmas tree sweater unhindered.

and even though I have had little time to write, to create, to think, or to even breathe … I am thankful for another november.

I hope you are too.