another november

november is here.

the leaves reminding me that there must be death in order to bring growth & new life.

dismal days are ahead; the sun hiding away from the world, rays becoming wallflowers against the snow and the dirt and those dead leaves lying like a crunchy quilt on the barely-there-grass.

senior year has not been glamorous, and while others are sentimental of friendship and memories, I cling to my best friend-turned husband and am sentimental for the places I have yet to visit, the people I yearn to meet, and the street food I can’t wait to consume.

november is just another month.

it is a countdown to a turkey dinner, stuffing filled with raisins that I will pick out because raisins do not belong in stuffing, and long lines of people waiting at 2 a.m. to buy more things that will eventually end up in attics, garage sales, and the shelves of Goodwill.

it is a month filled with thankfulness that we have saved from January to October.

it is a prologue to snow days, a celebration of a baby named Jesus, loud family gatherings, and unrealistic resolutions.

but then I go to sleep, and I wake up, and I realize that it is just another month if I choose not to cherish each moment.

it is a month where I can choose to be bitter and question motives behind facebook statuses, or instead join in on the thankfulness train.

I can hate the cold, or be happy that I can eat soup every day and wear my oversized Christmas tree sweater unhindered.

and even though I have had little time to write, to create, to think, or to even breathe … I am thankful for another november.

I hope you are too.


9 thoughts on “another november

  1. Love it! Agree with it! Everyday is a day of thanksgiving and I remained in the black by not even participating in the gluttony of Black Friday. When you consider that alone, it speaks to our ungratefulness and need for more, more, more.

    Happy Friday, Kelly!

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