Kentucky (pictures + words)

In true Anderson fashion, we left Illinois yesterday morning, drove six hours to Louisville, Kentucky, and of course, stopped to eat great BBQ. Iif you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend Mark’s Feed Store. The ribs & fried corn on the cob were both amazing…the Buttermilk Pie, not so much.marks3marksmarks2

 We then drove another hour & a half to Cave City, Kentucky. A few years ago, we spent a week in the Outer Banks and discovered the National Parks Passport. Now whenever we travel, we make sure to visit the nearest National Park & are able to make cancellations in our Passport. Caleb and I have been looking forward to visiting Kentucky so that we could visit Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth Cave is the longest cave in the world, and as of 2013 was found to be 400 miles long. However, experts believe that the cave might actually be more than 600 miles long.

This morning we went on two different cave tours.

mammoth cave11 mammothcave12

The first tour we went on was the Historic Tour.

mammoth cave8

Overall, it was a great introductory tour, but it could have been a little bit better if the group size was smaller. There was also a couple that decided to bring their two year old on the tour, and although I would never vocalize my distaste for this small child screaming in the cave, and holding up the line as we walked through small spaces (there is one spot called Fat Man’s Misery), I may have rolled my eyes a few times.

mammoth cave 6 mammoth cave 7

mammoth cave9 mammoth cave10

Our second tour, Domes & Dripstones, was amazing! The tour started with a 280 stair descent, and we were able to see beautiful stalactites towards the end.

mammoth cave mammoth cave2 mammoth cave3 mammoth cave4 mammoth cave5

caleb mammoth cave

These pictures definitely don’t do the cave justice, but it was the best I could do without using my flash.

Even though we went out of our way to drive down to Kentucky, it was 100% worth it.

Tomorrow we leave bright & early for Upstate New York! I’m so ready to see my parents & sister. Ringing in the New Year just wouldn’t be the same without our family.


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