this hedgehog believes in me


About a week ago I signed up for Alexandra Franzen’s daily prompts celebrating Universal Letter Writing Week. I love handwritten mail; I love receiving unexpected packages with cards that make me laugh, or letters that let me know that someone, somewhere, was thinking of me. I’m a huge believer in ridding my life of unnecessary material possessions, but hold onto letters and notes as if they were my life source.

Today’s prompt was Give Your Advice. I thought a lot about who I wanted to give my advice to, and in the end, decided that the person that needs my advice the most is in fact, myself. You see, tomorrow is my very first day of Student Teaching, and I’m kind of having a mini panic attack akin to a Chandler Bing freak-out. Could I BE anymore nervous?! Probably not.

Dear beautiful, tropical fish (me),

Tomorrow is a big day.

Tomorrow you take one of the last steps towards becoming an actual teacher, and it’s kind of crazy that if you so choose, in four months, you will be done with school forever. I know you want to go to Graduate School for Literacy, but you have way too many loans to pay off before you are probably even allowed to apply. Have patience with that dream, and remember that you won’t run out of time.

You will most likely fail. And you’ll probably cry. And Caleb will have to cook dinner more times than he probably ever wanted to. You might doubt yourself, and threaten to give up. Your laminator might break, and your lessons might not go as planned. You might have a student that you hope is absent every day, and you might want to stay in bed because you don’t want to be observed ever again (classroom observations really are the worst).

But when you have these days, remember that you are capable. You are more than able. And you have the ability to impact at least one life this semester.

God has given you these dreams of teaching elementary school for a reason. Every time you taught math lessons to your great-grandma, or tried to teach your little sister how to read even though she couldn’t say the alphabet quite yet – those were the moments when you felt most alive. This past year teaching at the YMCA & those two months eating rice and teaching English in South Korea were the hardest, yet the most rewarding, and have equipped you and prepared you for these next few months … and the many years to come.

Your family believes in you, and will love you regardless of how the semester ends. Their love is not dependent upon how well you teach a lesson, or what your final GPA is. 

And most importantly, this hedgehog believes in you. Everything is going to be okay in the end. 

p.s. Also Ryan Gosling.



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