I won a giveaway! {Parrish Papers & Busy Bot: Review}

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About five days ago I came across a giveaway on Instagram. I’ve participated in my fair share of “giveaway loops” – they usually end in disappointment, and too many followed accounts that I don’t really care for.

As you can see from the picture above, this giveaway was different. In the past few months I’ve discovered that I have a deep love for typography, and after a few feeble attempts, I’ve decided that I’m just going to leave handwriting to the experts. Once I saw everything that was included in the giveaway, I knew I needed to enter. Lo and behold, I WON!

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Today when I got home from student teaching, I was greeted by a little brown box, and inside were these gorgeous goodies!

Jordan’s prints are just lovely, and would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day card, or a wall hanging. She also offers custom watercolor portraits, and if I can convince Caleb that we need something else to fill our walls, I might just be ordering one in the near future. If you’re in need of a new set of recipe cards, look no further, because Jordan has those too.

Visit her Etsy shop, Parrish Papers, HERE.

Then there was the Luvbot. When I first entered the giveaway on Instagram, I had plans to give the little bot to one of my favorite little people (Baby Joy), but after opening the package & hugging this little guy, I’m not so sure. Abby’s Luvbot is so soft and plush, not to mention adorable beyond compare. She even sells a Luvbot that is a bit more girly, and still just as cute! Let’s face it, everything in her store is precious, and would be perfect gifts for a younger child, or someone like me who loves soft & cute things.

Visit her Etsy shop, Busy Bot, HERE.

I would definitely encourage you to support both of these ladies! They shipped my giveaway package right away, and everything was packaged so beautifully – with beautiful ribbon & string.


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