Blogging for Books: Love Without Limits


It’s a miracle that this blog post is being written.

For the past three months I’ve struggled to get through this book for various reasons.

First being the fact that it was the last semester of my undergrad career. Between student teaching, planning a missions trip, and “running a home” (I actually laugh internally when people bring this point up, but that’s for another blog post), I didn’t really want to sit down and read another book. I just wanted to watch Seinfeld.

The second reason was that for the majority of the book, I didn’t enjoy it. Caleb even suggested skimming, but I just couldn’t do it. I had to push through. That turned into three long months of slowly reading, and re-reading chapters because I often lost my place. But this morning, I made myself a glass of iced coffee and finally finished it.

Nick Vujicic and his wife Kanae wrote this book together outlining their relationship from start to finish, with the goal of encouraging readers to “love without limits.” Nick himself was born without limbs, and is a motivational speaker; speaking out against bullying, and sharing his own story of tackling the obstacles of living with a disability. He mentioned many times throughout the book of his struggle with the fear of never finding someone who truly loved and accepted him despite his outward physical flaws. Nick is the director of Life Without Limbs, and has been featured and interviewed on many major media sites.

On a personal level, it was difficult to read because the writing was a bit cheesy. Not only that, but because I am already married and have technically “found the one,” I couldn’t relate to the chapters where they encouraged single readers to “keep the faith” in their journey to find love. The chapters where he talks about abstinence and their commitment to waiting to become intimate until marriage made me happy that Caleb and I were able to keep that same commitment, but really glad that we’re finally married. 😉

In the end, Kanae shared her thoughts on motherhood, and the struggles that they faced together during the first year of parenthood. As someone who hopes to be a mother one day, I was grateful for her honesty, and the ways they were able to overcome the distance that came between them due to the stresses of a newborn, and Nick’s hectic travel schedule. Sometimes I feel like evangelists, and individuals like Nick who are constantly in the Christian spotlight, often shy away from sharing their struggles. The last few chapters were the most real and honest, as opposed to the more cliche chapters that came before.

Overall, I don’t know if I would necessarily recommend this book, but would encourage others to learn more about Nick’s story and everything he stands for. His life is an inspiration, and is a great reminder that God can use us and work through us despite our outward (and inward) flaws.

(I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.)

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