Day 5: Sister

Today’s post is supposed to be a profession of my love and devotion to another blogger, but instead, I decided to write a little note to my sister. My family is coming to Pennsylvania on Thursday night for my graduation, and I cannot wait to give them all tight squeeze hugs.

Also, if you’re interested in joining in (even though this challenge is from two years ago), here’s the button!



Your beauty runs deep.

But its depth is unseen by your eyes that have been blinded by words spoken out of insecurity and jealousy of the strong and self-confident you that you are.

Words that made you feel small, and caused you to shrink back into the shadows.

But you belong in the light.

Sharing with the world your thoughts, and a personality that shines brighter than moonbeams.

Creativity flows from your fingers onto the walls of your room, and while you say you’re not gifted, my darling, you are.

Gifted with the ability to love people as they are.

Breaking bread with the outcasts, and defending the weak.

For the ability to write prose cannot compare with the ability to love without condition.

Even when teenage feelings rage in your soul, and you cry for reasons unknown, my love, you are a gem.

A diamond in the rough that is waiting to be found by the one who is patient enough to dig for you.

Loved by the One who created you and knows the deepest cries of your heart.

Loved by me when I act like a momma bear, instead of the confidant you desire.


Set apart.

My friend.

My sister.



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