I’m Kelly, and I’m a horrible blogger.

I’ll just go ahead and admit this fact about myself, because I’m not really sure how to jump back into the blogging game.

On June 22nd, I wrote a little sneak preview about our latest trip out West, and then fell silent. We still had a week left, inconsistent wi-fi, and then when we came home, it took a while to unpack, let alone sit down and write down my thoughts.

Thankfully, I have this great friend named Natalie, and she recently began a little project called Oakmoss. The goal in creating this space was to provide dreamers and creators with a place to find simplicity, encouragement, and most of all, inspiration. I originally asked Natalie if I could be a part of the creative team as a photographer, but then decided I wanted to do more.

This month, Oakmoss will be featuring stories from our West trip, and I have decided that instead of writing different things for this blog, I would just share the posts here as they go live on Natalie’s site.

My “intro” has been posted and you can view it by clicking HERE.

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