lovely things: weekend edition

This weekend we stayed home.

After a summer of going, going, going…it was nice to relax at home without weddings and long car rides.

Here are a few things that I found lovely:

(most links and pictures found on tumblr)

1. I woke up this morning & was so thankful for our apartment.

We live close to school / both of our jobs, and I always feel safe in our apartment complex.

I love that even though we’re renting, and planning on leaving Phoenixville in the near future, we have still made it a home.

A beautiful, cozy, love-filled home.


APARTMENT2*Please note the water stain from falling asleep with wet shower hair*



2. Milo.

He gives me so much joy, and I like to talk to him over breakfast. He really is the sweetest.

Milo not only likes to eat Life cereal, but also enjoys:

– sweet tea

– ice cream

– crunchy leaves


He fell asleep with his little paw on my foot.

milo sleeping

3. I’ve been working out at the YMCA pretty regularly, and needed new music to keep me motivated. Every song on this playlist is gold.

4. Pomplamoose.


5. Flowers.

I wish my flowers had really bloomed, but there’s always next summer.


6. Riptide // Vance Joy

7. Caleb and I “babysit” for a single dad that has a 17 year old son. We basically hang out with the kid, and watch the game show network; it’s a really sweet deal. Last night we made dinner, watched t.v., and had ice cream.

I’m thankful for random babysitting jobs, and seemingly spontaneous provision.

God definitely always knows what we need, even before we do.

ice cream

8. This dog. It almost makes me want to buy a puppy.

9. Finally, babies.

I go through moments when I don’t ever want children (mostly because I’m scared, and the thought of motherhood gives me anxiety), and moments when my baby fever is at an all time high.

This weekend I really just wanted to hold a baby.

I wanted to smell that clean baby smell, and wrap a little bean in a soft Ikea blanket.

Am I super weird for wanting that?

Because I am not pregnant (and will hopefully stay that way), I settled for adorable pictures of babies on tumblr. Here are two of my favorites:

baby baby 2

Photo Credit: Love & Squalor

Basically everything Lindsey Ocker does is beautiful.

I really am a sucker for good photography (if I could choose any other profession besides teaching, it would most likely be photography).

baby babyPhoto Credit: (

Katie Purnell is wonderful as well.

What are some things that made your weekend lovely?


Happy happy Tuesday.

I hope your day has been as great as this cover of “Stars Fell On Alabama,” by Daniela Andrade & Hanbyul Kang.

Daniela is one of my favorite singers in this whole wide world.

Her cover of “Creep” is also pretty rad.

Today I spent a day with some of my favorite littles, and I heated up our very first freezer meal!

Chunky Chili. I hate the name, but it sure is tasty.

I took it out this morning, and defrosted it in the fridge. When I got home from work, I put it in a pot, and it heated up in about 20 minutes!

It tasted great, and we were able to share it with our good friend Sam. Even better.

I leave you with “The Moon Song.” Another one of my favorites. 🙂



Little things.

I need to start paying attention to the little things.

For it is in the little things that God has been showing me that He hears my heart, and knows the thoughts I don’t outwardly express to Him. The idea of God being all-knowing is Sunday School stuff, yet how often do we forget the most basic characteristics of our amazing Savior? I have so much to say, but there’s this research paper that has been nagging at me to be written, and I have yet to compose a single sentence.

So for now, dear WordPress blog, you will be cast to the side, but you, dear reader (whoever you are), are most definitely not forgotten.

I leave you with my new favorite album, and a picture of Milo.

*This link is no longer working & valid, but please, for your own good, go listen to John Mark McMillan’s newest album. It’s ridiculously good.*

milo in the ligth