Tonight I made falafel using a recipe from the Clean blog. (http://blog.cleanprogram.com/falafel/) I honestly think that “Jenny,” this mysterious Clean Blogger, realized that her recipe was haphazard, so she made falafel with non Clean-approved ingredients, took a picture of her perfectly golden brown falafel, and then proclaimed to the world that this recipe would be successful.

Well Jenny, you lied to me, and you should stop lying before someone takes away your blogging privileges. Yeah, I’m a little angry at this recipe. Jenny is dead to me. (Just kidding, your zucchini muffins were delicious.)

Two problems with this recipe:

  • The falafel fell apart while in the pan, and even after baking them for almost 10 minutes, they were still very mushy.
  • The recipe does not include tahini sauce in the falafel mixture, which made the falafel taste bland, and kind of weird by itself. Thankfully, we ate it in lettuce with onions, cucumbers, and hummus. Yum. Lettuce. (It really was good lettuce)

Veering off slightly from my Clean adventures, I thought a lot today about what motivates me. This week I started working full time again after being off for almost two weeks.

Let me tell you – I have had zero motivation to get up in the morning, zero motivation to work from 8-5, zero motivation to cook, and zero motivation to get ready for my classes that start next week. The Clean program is forcing me to look at every food label, to plan meals more carefully, and to cook three meals every day; these are all things that I should have been doing before, but hey, I’m a newly-married college student (full-time), with a part-time job that usually feels like a full-time deal.

I basically want to take naps all the time.

What then, will motivate me once I start work, class, wifery, and field experience?

As I thought about what motivates me, I realized that Caleb is the biggest motivator in my life.

He motivates me to do well in school (I loved telling him I had a 4.0 last semester, and even got a few kisses because of it), he motivates me to get out of bed in the morning, and to go to bed at a normal hour (I used to stay up until 3 a.m. almost every night before we got married, and now I’m usually in bed by 10). Caleb motivates me to be a better person, to care about the world, and to think of other people. He motivates me to look my best, to take vitamins, to cook more, to be less messy.

My students also motivate me. I am motivated every day to learn more so that I can share more knowledge with them; they are so inquisitive, and ask so many questions that make me realize how little I actually know. They motivate me to be more patient and creative, and to exercise so that I can keep up with them in the classroom and on the playground.

A flaw that I have is to give up or procrastinate on things when I am unmotivated, or when I don’t really care about something. I will wait the last minute to do a homework assignment. I procrastinated and didn’t pick up my check on time, so now I have to wait for it to be mailed to me.

I procrastinate on getting paperwork in.

I gave up on getting up earlier in the mornings because I’m “too sleepy,” and I gave up on exercising daily simply because, well, exercise isn’t always fun, and being sore is not always the best motivator to run 2 miles.

Thinking of my newest venture into the Clean world, I’ve made it a point to not give up under any circumstances.

 I feel blessed that I have a husband who is so willing to do this with me, a husband who is very brave and not afraid of vegetables.

I am ready to push through when I feel the least motivated, and make more breakfast shakes even when I’m tired of drinking mush. I will overcome! And I will be motivated.