The Return

I’m back!

Correction: We’re back.

  This whole summer has been a whirlwind. Living at home with my parents was an interesting experience, and I learned a lot about how my relationship with them is changing (for the better of course).

They are no longer my sole providers & caretakers, but are now my friends. Strange, but good.

I also became a master chef and I’ll probably have my own show on Food Network very, very soon.

Our wedding was perfect. Every single moment.

We were both so calm, and the day turned out to be beautiful.

Our pictures are incredible.

The honeymoon was fantastic.

And I am surely blessed with a caring and loving husband.

The past two weeks we have spent settling into our home.

Our living room: pinterest worthy.

Our kitchen: adorable.

I was also hired as an Assistant Preschool Teacher at the YMCA right by our apartment – amazingly convenient.

Life is good, and God is faithful. He has continually shown His goodness & has blessed us more than we could ever deserve. More posts hopefully to come. : )


– K